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Coaches' Corner

"Coaches who can outline plays on a blackboard are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate."
- Vince Lombardi
Tori Rothenhoefer (left) shows her classmates the fundamentals of bumping in volleyball.


During the spring semester of 2009-10, 25 students enrolled in the class.
Here are some of their comments after participating in the class:
"This class has given me a positive experience that I will always remember and will want to share with others.  What I have taken from this class will aid me in becoming a better leader, mentor, and overall person."
"In many classes throughout my high school experience, students asked the famous question, 'Why are we learning this?'  In the coaching class, I have never heard that question asked.  I have really enjoyed the class because it has taught me life values and who I want to become."
"The athletic coaching class does not just prepare us to be coaches in the future; it also prepares us for life."
"Introduction to Athletic Coaching almost didn't even seem like a class to me -- it felt like just a fun 90 minutes where I got to pass on my own skills in a certain sport to others."
"It is an interesting and fun class in a number of ways."
"It's my favorite class . . . no lie.  I learned more about myself than I have . . . ever."
"It's an amazing class.  You should sign up for it."
"The same values I learned about coaching can transfer over to life and will help me when I work with people as I move on in my life."
"This class teaches life lessons, the ability to coach, but most importantly, how to be a better person."
"The class not only teaches us to be good coaches but good young men and women as well."
"I had a great time in the class and would take it again in a heartbeat."
"It's a great class and a nice break from core classes.  I had a lot of fun and learned a lot."
"If you love sports and kids, you will enjoy this class.  It's an awesome class."
"It's a truly amazing class.  It's fun, you learn a lot about yourself, and it's very inspirational."
"I definitely think that this was a great class and really fun.  And it also teaches you a lot of lessons for life."
"I enjoyed all of the hands-on learning activities and coaching opportunities with the elementary school students."
"I liked this class because it's in an environment where opinions and thoughts are welcome."
"We were all very involved in the class.  It's very hands-on, but you don't have to be super-athletic to do well in the class.  Working with the elementary school kids was a blast."

This course was offered at Middletown High School during the 2008-10 school years, and more than 110 students enrolled in the class.

Here are some of their comments after participating in the class:

"It was a great class where I learned a lot about coaching."
"I'm really happy I signed up for this class. It's such a fun class that focuses on participation, class discussions, and hands-on experiences with kids."
"It's a lot of fun, and I would recommend it to everyone."
"If you like sports, you will like this class."
"This was one of the best classes ever."
"You should definitely take this class. It will build confidence in coaching, teaching, and public speaking."
"It's fun and worth it."
"Great class. I loved the high energy."
"You learn about leadership and how to coach, and you also learn things about yourself that you didn't know before. It's a great class and a lot of fun."
"This class is a lot of fun, and we should offer a Coaching Class II."
“ Very informative ! ”
“ I enjoy this class because it’s fun and interactive. ”
“ I love the class and always look forward to coming to second period. ”
“ This class was a great idea, and we are lucky to be in this course. ”
“ I learn more in this class than any other class. ”
“ Keep this class . . . It’s something kids can hold onto forever. ”
“ The class is awesome. ”
“ I really like this class because we get to learn about ourselves, what priorities we have, and what we believe in. ”
" This is my favorite class.  I really enjoyed the hands-on experiences because I love working with kids.  This class provides experiences as if you are really a coach. "
" It was a lot better than any other classes I have taken.  I learned a lot about myself as a coach. "
" This class is fun and teaches what you need to know to become the best coach and person that you can be. "
" It's a fun class, and I learned a lot of life lessons. "
" This is my favorite class, and I enjoyed everything about the class and looked forward to it every day. "
" This is a fun class if you enjoy sports and want to some day be a coach.  Lots of hands-on projects. "
" Coaching class has been a great learning experience.  It is worth taking. "
" This class is really good if you want to learn about what coaches do behind the scenes, when they're not on TV.  It's really cool. "

Introduction to Athletic Coaching